Young woman hooked up to a oxygen machine in the hospital.

Risks of Using Synthetic Drugs

Although the long-term effects of many synthetic drugs on physical and mental health are not yet known, the immediate effects they can have on your family, job, and life could be long-lasting.

Short Term Effects – Some symptoms associated with synthetic drugs are memory loss, psychotic episodes, blackouts, brain damage, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and paranoia. Other side effects of these drugs may include seizures, suicidal behavior, erratic and violent behavior, and even death.

Long Term Effects – Synthetic drug use is hard on relationships, friendships, and family. Deception and other out-of-character behaviors can cause loved ones to feel worried, confused, and scared. As is the case with many other types of substance abuse, use of synthetic drugs can cause permanent damage to your family and relationships.

In addition, synthetic drug use can have a negative social and economic impact. Users may resort to stealing money from their friends and family or selling items from their homes to get the money needed to continue to buy drugs. Furthermore, synthetic drug use can lead to financial and career instability, such as poor performance at work, penalizations at work, or termination.

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