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If you are a young person, adult, or caregiver in DC, Drug Free Youth DC is your go-to online source for resources on drug-free living in the District. Learn the facts about commonly abused drugs in DC, local laws on drug use, and local drug prevention and treatment resources.


The Blunt Truth

Since the passage of Initiative 71, there has been a lot of confusion about what the law says about using marijuana in the District. Visit “The Blunt Truth” campaign to learn more about the effects of marijuana on your body and DC’s marijuana laws.

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Youth Opioids Awareness

In a recent survey, 11.67% of DC Youth indicated that they have abused Rx drugs. The DC Department of Behavioral Health’s “More Harmful Than You Think” campaign educates young people about the dangers of prescription pill and opioid misuse. 

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Percocet can cause a "high" similar to heroin that is characterized by: euphoria, feelings of claim and relaxation, and heightened pleasure. Percocet abuse can lead to the same dangerous problems of dependence and addiction as other opioid drugs.

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